Modern Family
Technically contemporary, whatever...

We’re building a modern house

“It’s now or never.”

It happens to everyone right? That thing you always dreamed of doing, being pushed off from year to year. You accept that it will get done eventually...that next year will be the perfect time for it.

If you think about it, you’re going to spend decades of your life in your house. Why wouldn’t you want it designed to your tastes and lifestyle? For us, a modern house not only represented how we wanted the house to look, but how we wanted to live in it.

So here we are, starting this long process of getting our dream project underway. Hopefully the information we share here will help others out there trying to do the same.

Boxes are cool

Why modern?

While most people confuse modern with a style popular in the mid 20th century, we like to think of it as more of a way of thinking. Designing in a modern way supports honesty and curiosity. It suggests we design with purpose and use materials that make sense on more than just an aesthetic level.

We also believe that good modern design should be attainable. You shouldn’t have to be rich or an architect to be able to have a modern house. We refuse to believe that we have to accept the only housing options readily presented to us.

If we put in a little more care and time in, we can have what we want without breaking the bank in the process.

Hey, it’s home

Why Jacksonville?

There’s something to be said about having an affordable place to live and work. Most of our immediate family lives close and most of our good friends do as well. While Jacksonville might not be the most bustling city in the world, it does have a growing community that’s dedicated to making it a better place.

So cheers to the middlest of middle America. We plan on calling you home for years to come.


2 & 1/4 fans of modern design

We’ve always been drawn to the aesthetic of modern houses. Maybe it’s because we’ve been surrounded by traditional homes all our lives. Regardless, the aesthetic is what caught our eye at first but the design philosophy behind the houses is what kept us interested.

Dennis Eusebio
Chief Nerd of House

Dennis Eusebio

During the day, I’m a user experience designer working on making web sites and apps simpler. At night, I’m a user experience designer working on making web sites and apps simpler.

Really, it’s all I have.

In the few hours I’m not designing, I love all things music and have been known to push play at events (who isn’t a DJ these days) and play around in Ableton. I’m really looking forward to learning a lot about the build process of this house and can’t wait to live in it for years to come.

Synora Eusebio
Balances Out The Awkwardness Of The Household

Synora Eusebio

I’m a home health registered nurse (my job is to make sure your grandma is taking her meds properly). I’ve always been nosy about how the inside of homes differ from one another, and this job is perfect for checking things out without being weird.

I grew up in Southern California where modern homes were a normal part of the scenery. But here in Jacksonville, they’re so rare that I alert Dennis whenever I see one.

I’m also learning to code as a hobby. I’m a bit slow at the moment, but am progressing nicely. I’m also a big fan of 90’s R&B and naps, two things that strengthen the bond between Dennis and I.

Indie Eusebio
1 ft tall, acts like she’s 5 ft

Indie Eusebio

Spoiled mini-dachshund that at times runs the house. The only thing she wants in the new house is lots of areas to lay in the sun. That, and nooks to burrow in.