Atlanta Modern Home Tour 2015

Pics and thoughts from the Atlanta Modern Home Tour and the random adventures of Synora, Greg, Russel, Dennis and Amber.

Everyone who is in the process of remodeling or building a house is familiar with this process. You browse through sites like Pinterest, Houzz, Contemporist etc. endlessly, grabbing any and every slick picture you see without thinking too much about it. While these sites are amazing resources, they don't do a great job of giving you a sense of space or depth. You can't really feel what it's like to be in that room or garden, it just looks nice in the photo. So based on a recommendation from our friends at Content Design Group, we took a trip up to Atlanta with some of good friends Greg, Russel and Amber to see some inspiring houses in-person.

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The Tour

To get things started we took a second to enjoy the beautiful downtown W Hotel roof top lounge. Usually an expensive hotel, but there was an awesome offer through the tour company to knock the rate in half. Not a bad place to rest your head for a few days.

We somehow managed to see almost all of the 12 houses on tour in one day and here are some quick notes and pics from all of them.

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Kings Mill

Designed by TaC Studios
2,400 sq. ft.

  • Our favorite home of the tour
  • The exterior was a bit traditional but was still executed very well
  • Wasn’t using any extravagant trim or materials, just very well put together
  • The landscaping was nice and maintainable
  • First look at Hardie Board in person as an exterior option
  • George the dog was awesome

IMG 6295


Designed by e3 Design
3000 sq. ft.

  • Didn’t really like this one much, but could appreciate the work put in
  • The kitchen was pretty nice, we liked how much natural light came in
  • Some of the furniture was nice but it felt like it was too expensive for the house, the ratio of house to decoration was a bit lopsided

IMG 6306

Ranch Style Redux

Designed by Rober M. Cain
2,240 sq. ft

  • Didn't really feel this house, the exterior really threw us off
  • A bit too much mixing of woods throughout
  • The glass blocks in the front is an interesting choice to help contrast against the back of the house, but it's still not our favorite choice of materials

IMG 6323


Designed by Godfrey Gaise
2100 sq. ft

  • Second favorite of the tour
  • Well though-out, smart use of materials and layout
  • Seemed to match the type of house we’d want to have
  • There is another 100 sq. ft of unfinished space that will be attached to the master bedroom
  • Having the kids room on one side of the house and then the master on the other side on the same floor was something that we'd want to consider for our own house

IMG 6338


Designed by Lightroom Inc.
5,108 sq. ft

  • Liked how it looked, but felt it was a bit over the top, don’t know if we would want to live in a space like that
  • You could tell the glass areas were significantly hotter than the other parts of the house...the 3rd floor was also noticeably hotter than the other floors, which is expected, but it's good to feel it first-hand to know the cons of lots of glass
  • High ceilings were amazing
  • The decks were nice, but you could tell that the wood was already starting to fade...made us really rethink how we’re going to smartly use it in our own house

IMG 6361


Designed by XMETRICAL
2000 sq. ft

  • Great use of square footage, helped us get an idea of how big our intended 2,400 sq. ft would feel like
  • Didn’t love the rustic wood used throughout, but it helped break up some of the colder materials
  • Loved the dark outside and the use of Hardie Board
  • Liked how the brick was coming into the house
  • Had a cool two-car carport with attached one car garage. An option for us if we wanted to save some money
  • Bathroom was great

IMG 6372


Designed by BLDGS
2,600 sq. ft

  • Cool concept of blending a traditional front with a modern back
  • The black color was amazing
  • The Brazilian wood looked great, although it looked like it could fade pretty fast
  • Master bathroom was nice and bright
  • Randomly caught up with an old high-school and college classmate of mine, small world

IMG 6382


Designed by Dencity
3800 sq. ft

  • Wasn’t a huge fan of the stone layers
  • Nice outside and inside overall
  • The pool was great
  • The wood table looked cool albeit super expensive
  • Bathroom was massive with an odd placement of the toilet

IMG 6395

Kings Court

Designed by DNK Development
4200 sq. ft.

  • Nicely done and pretty spacious
  • Good use of space and keeping certain areas separate
  • Interesting use of astro-turf, not as realistic as we’d want it to be but I've never seen it used in person

IMG 6404

Little John

Designed by Plexis R+D
5468 sq. ft.

  • Looked amazing, but pretty over the top
  • Don’t think we could live in (or afford) something like this, but as a vacation house it'd be just fine
  • The master suite was nice and had nice views of the pool area
  • Not a big fan of the marble pattern in the kitchen
  • Pool was amazing
  • Overall, the most visually impressive of the bunch

IMG 6422


Designed by West Architecture Studio
3700 sq. ft.

  • Sunken living room was great, might want to consider for our own house. Synora likes how it breaks up the open space so that it isn't all just one giant room.
  • Outside was nice and well laid out
  • The materials and color palette for most things was great
  • Landscaping was nice and maintainable
  • The window boxes with the tiny succulent garden was a nice way to have an inside out feel
  • Also, the stucco as a backdrop for the bed was a nice contrast of materials

IMG 6441

Mason Mill

Designed by Castro Design Studio
3900 sq. ft

  • Pretty clean exterior and the roof was nice and flush against the side
  • The interior had a repeating rounded corner thing that was interesting
  • The backyard was pretty nice and simple
  • Overall not really our favorite, but it was well put together

IMG 6464


Designed by West Architecture Studio
2700 sq. ft

  • One of our favorites
  • The exterior with the dark Hardie Board was nice
  • Liked how they used wood in shaded areas to prevent wear and tear from the sun
  • Super slim setup, but the architects were able to create an interesting spacious area
  • The backyard was nicely done without too much crazy furniture
  • Had a few more materials than needed, but still was very nicely done and a good model for our house

Wrap Up

Overall, we learned a lot by taking the time to go up to Atlanta for the weekend. We had a great trip with some good friends and got a chance to explore the city a bit more. Seeing materials and spaces in person made a world of difference to our plans and gave us a better understanding of what our choices will mean for the design of our house. The biggest lesson we learned is I think with a smart, purpose driven design, you can design a modest, affordable modern house if you know what you're doing. If you focus a bit more on choices that support how you live vs. what will impress people, I think there's a great opportunity to make something really amazing.

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