Walk-through of Contemporary Tract Home

A walk-through of a joint-collaboration spec house with TerraWise Homes and Content Design Group.

Last week, Content Design Group (CDG) hosted their first #contentthirstday get together. Held in a joint collaboration spec house with TerraWise Homes, the project is an interesting exercise in bringing modern touches to a tract home neighborhood.

Located in the Cedarbrook subdivision on the northside of Jacksonville, homes are priced between $200,000-$300,000. This model in particular, the “St. Johns”, is 2,638 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 2 car garage with a base price of $293,900.

What Makes This House Different

There are very few modern homes in Jacksonville and even fewer that could be considered affordable. So it’s interesting to see a house designed with some realistic constraints and still keeping the modern aesthetic along the way. Glass, concrete, and angled lines are used throughout the home contrasting heavily with other home designs in the same neighborhood.

Aside from the home looking great, it features a net-zero design. In conjunction with energy-saving appliances, lighting and insulation, the home features a solar panels that produce enough power to completely offset the house’s power needs. So for most months, the house will generate energy credits which will offset the months where it needs to pull from the central energy grid. This results in paying essentially $0 to the power company over the year.

The Things We Learned From This House

The high ceilings, concrete floors and square footage were pretty dead on to our specs, so seeing it in person really helps us get a better understanding of what we’d be dealing with. The 2nd story loft was also particularly interesting, because I could see us using that type of space as our office/den/music space. And finally, seeing a house designed to be efficient from the ground-up was especially important so that we could understand both costs and building methods necessary to achieve that level of efficiency.

Overall, C.D.G and TerraWise’s project is a great start to introducing contemporary home design to the city. We learned a lot by stopping by and feel like we’re better prepared to build our own modern, efficient house.

Synora Eusebio
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Synora Eusebio

I’m a home health registered nurse (my job is to make sure your grandma is taking her meds properly). I’ve always been nosy about how the inside of homes differ from one another, and this job is perfect for checking things out without being weird.

Posted on Jul 04, 2015