Feb 05, 2015

Alright, Final Decision, But For Reals This Time

After more conversation between the two of us, we made final, final, final decision not to move forward with the Springfield home. Lots of back/forth but sometimes things don't happen in an instant.

We then received more information from Coastline about their financing and the programs they offer. They've been the most responsive of all the banks we've reached out to so that's a positive.

We also had some initial conversations around total house budget including land and it ended up being around $300-$350k. Synora wanted to stick closer to $300 which is understandable. Normally this type of house price would be out of our range but with saving over 20% down to get the house, we'd have a monthly mortgage similar to our current payment.

Lastly, we had some initial discussions with our friend Mike about flood plains and how to determine if the land you're thinking of is in one. It's something to keeping mind for as Jacksonville does have some flood-prone neighborhoods.

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