Mar 05, 2015

Chat with Content Design Group

I can't state how important it is to have trusted people on your side during this process. We’re fortunate in being good friends with Jason and Greg over at Content Design Group, a local design & architecture firm. We decided to have an impromptu chat with them about the different lots we were considering to get their professional opinion and to see how it would affect the design process.

Greg had an interesting point about how to think about pricing for these projects. While $10-20k is a lot of money, spread over 30 years it might not be a big deal so choose what you want in the end and keep pricing in perspective. Makes sense and based on that we decided to go ahead and offer $80k to the Old St. Augustine Rd. property (near church). We came up significantly from our original $50k but we had that plot as number one on our list of options.

If that deal doesn't work out, we'll just go with the 0 Loretto Rd. property which was a close second and a much better price.

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People Involved

Content Design Group
Gregory Beere & Jason Fisher