Aug 24, 2015

Dennis Fails At Sketchup

Small confession. I've always been terrible at illustration. In all my years of being a designer, I don't think I've ever felt good about one single illustration I've done. But, I do have a fairly useful skill.

I have a knack for learning software weirdly fast. Doesn't matter if I've never used it before. For some reason, I can watch a few tutorials and wing it from there. So while I was thinking through some of the discussions we had about the general layout of the house, I had some issues explaining my ideas. So I decided to give Sketchup a try. While I don't think i came up with anything on a professional level, it did help communicate different ways to think about the pass-through design.

We were debating on whether or not the studio in back would be detached or connected, making it more of an L shape for the first floor. Rather than staring at 2-D drawings, it was nice to quickly mock things up in Sketchup and see representations of ideas in real-time, hopefully saving a lot of back/forth with CDG.

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