Mar 24, 2015

Due Diligence Calls To Surveyors and JEA

I called lots of different surveyors in town to select who we want to work with on this project. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time getting people to give me the light of day. Maybe this project is too small? Who knows, but it continues to be frustrating.

Associated Surveyors did get back to me today and gave me an initial price quote of $750. We don’t know if that's a normal price yet, but we’re thinking of going with them just because they’ve been the most professional of the bunch.

Our agent Justin called JEA (our local power company) to get some pricing on connecting to utilities like water, sewer and electric. The prices have ranged from $5000-$9000 depending on location of said pipes and their specs. It’s kind of scary because we budgeted a lot less in our initial plan.

Yay, surprise pricing.

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