Apr 13, 2015

It's Kind Of Like A Moat

Today we met with Byron Peacock of Peacock Consulting Group, LLC who completed the environmental survey of the property. He told us what we suspected, that the lot was high and dry. It’s also free and clear of any protected species such as gopher tortoises. He charged us a small fee and it was worth every penny to have him survey the land.

We also had a consultation with Bob Davidson of Concrete Works to get an estimate on installing a culvert crossing. There’s a significant gap between the property and the public sidewalk. This gap acts as a drainage system for rainwater. A culvert will “bridge the gap” (so punny!) and connect the two, helping to create our driveway. We're still awaiting a final estimate from Bob. From what we can gather by our research, a culvert can cost between $500-$5000. At least money spent on this wouldn't be going down the drain.

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Environmental Survey
Peacock Consulting Group, LLC
Byron Peacock