May 14, 2015

Kickoff Meeting with Content Design Group

Finally after dealing with a lot of the headache while closing, we were able to start kicking off things with Content Design Group. The main purpose of meeting was to get an initial idea of the process and to answer any pressing questions we had before we started on the next stage.

The first main question we needed to answer is if our construction budget of $280,000 would be feasible for the basic specs of the house. With the house being around 2,200 - 2,400 square feet, it seems like we're relatively close to that initial idea of a budget. Especially if you consider an average cost of $125/sq. ft. Which is slightly over average for Jacksonville but not by much.

The rest of the questions centered on random things like:

  • Are appliances included in financing? It depends on the bank but usually the major ones are part of it. But, it might be better to finance them through those 0% interest deals at stores instead of paying for them for 30 years.
  • Are utilities and clearing part of financing? Utilities is but clearing depends on the bank. Good to know so that we can manage cashflow a bit better instead of coming out of pocket too much.
  • How does wood siding do in the Florida Sun? Apparently, not very well without maintaining it fairly often. Not a deal breaker for us but at least we know what we're getting into.

After a bit of random conversation, we finally agreed upon the first set of tasks moving forward. CDG would set the schedule for the project with the tentative start date of March 2016. We’re going to start researching financing options for this construction phase, narrowing down our inspiration boards to must haves, and then look at key appliances to help establish our budget.

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People Involved

Content Design Group
Gregory Beere & Jason Fisher