Feb 27, 2015


While we wait to hear from the seller, we decided to check out some more vacant land in the Mandarin and St. John's area.

The first was Harmony Drive.

The neighborhood home values are lower than we feel comfortable with. It is, however, located in St. John's County which is known for its great school system.

We also look at another property nearby on State Road 13.

There were a lot of trees on this shallow lot. We're also unsure of the lot size and home values in the area. The asking price is pretty reasonable though. This one was also located within St. John's County.

The more we look at properties, the more we get a feel for what's important for us. Are we ok with living on a busy road? How old is the neighborhood? Could the neighborhood see further development? These are all questions we find ourselves asking each other. We're definitely developing a sense of what are dealbreakers versus what we're ok with compromising.

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