Feb 08, 2015

Now For The Fun Part - Financing Discussions!

Dennis and I some discussions on things we need to know about the properties we’re getting into. We’re a bit worried about how appraisers value homes and if it’s only based on houses around it? Seems like that’s the case.

Also, we’ve done some research on banks to see if anyone would offer deals for 90 - 100% financing. We added some banks to our list but it’s not looking great because at that level of financing, most require a high interest rate of 7 - 9%.

Lastly, we did some errant research on solar panels after hearing about a project here in town that’s producing net zero houses. Apparently the costs for them have gone down by 50% since 2010 which makes using them a lot more economically feasible. It would be amazing to build our house in that manner.

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