Mar 19, 2015

Project Progress

I met with Varick and Russel about some initial ideas about the branding for this project. It’s nice to have such talented friends to bounce ideas off of. As always, I came out with a much clearer and better idea of what I wanted to do then when I came in. So thanks to those guys.

Also, we started to enter our tasks into Trello to help manage and organize all the chaos surrounding this project. If you haven’t heard of Trello, it’s a free project management tool that software companies often use to manage their builds. I’ve found over the last few years that it’s been helpful in other areas of my life, so if you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it.

And in other randomness, Synora found the city’s record for the 0 Lorreto Rd. property. Helpful stuff.

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