Feb 16, 2015

Shaw's Tree Service Estimate

So part of building a custom home is finding either a cleared lot or one that can be cleared. In the case of Jacksonville, most plots of land are not cleared so you usually have to engage a tree clearing service like Shaw's to prep the land for your house.

So just to give you an idea of the general costs for these types of things:

  • For .25 acre lot, we’re looking at around $3600-4200 to grind and leave mulch (not preferred), then $4600 - 6500 to clear and haul it all
  • For the .6 acre lot near the church, it’s $3800-4200 for just the house pad and access road and the $5500 - 8500 to clear and haul. Mainly because you get a $800-1000 credit for the pines.

They were super helpful and even came out to the properties and gave us a free estimate. I wish all vendors we worked with were this professional and nice.

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