Feb 01, 2015

Too Good To Be True

Admittedly the house needed a lot of work, but we still loved the idea of customizing an affordable house to our specs. But, we then received an email from our agent Amanda about issues with the title. The house had been in disarray for years and that led to fines from the city for being out of code. Now, you might think that might be a few thousand dollars but the total amount of fines equaled around $127,000. That was because they have been fined $100 day for those violations for years now.

This was pretty discouraging to hear and it's initially what started us going down the route of building a house on our own. That night Synora found a plot of land on Wrightson Drive from listings Amanda sent us. It was located in Mandarin near a pretty nice neighborhood by the river. Pretty affordable lot at $75k with great schools and low crime.

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