Mar 01, 2015

Updates On Other Properties

While we’re in negotiation with the other lot, we did a bit more research on the other lots we’re considering:

0 Old St Augustine Road

  • Small lot with building restrictions
  • 25’ in front, 20’ in back are the setback measurements we have to follow, will definitely make it difficult to have privacy when it’s that small
  • Neighbor basically in our backyard

San Jose Blvd (across from Epping Forest Yacht Club)

  • Huge ditch in back (flooding concerns, but not in flood zone)
  • Sloping land is a concern
  • Back neighbors sit on a large hill
  • Schools are pretty bad in the area unless you go to private school (not an option with our budget)

0 Loretto Road

  • $74,900
  • Still within our price range
  • Great schools and great house values in the area that could help our cause with appraisals
  • It’s a bit more difficult to get to the highway at this location but it’s not terrible since we can avoid traffic
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